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      • Spacious and green

        Estonian Man
        “I’m here for a conference at Tokyo International Forum and just arrived two days ago. I’m blown away by how spacious and beautiful it is here. Before arriving, I imagined it would look like Singapore, but this place, Marunouchi, has a much more high-class feel and a greener environment. There are no shopping malls, which is nice! I think I’ll come back after this meeting for a spot of lunch.”

      • Unique and amazing

        Malaysian Couple
        “We came across this area by chance as we were walking around. This area is really different from other parts of Tokyo—like a different world. The architecture is amazing, and the layout is more structured—the mix between old and new buildings together is really striking. We were thinking of visiting the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, but we don’t have time today unfortunately.”

      • Convenient buses for exploring

        Canadian Couple
        “We use the Hop On Hop Off buses in every city we visit, because they stop by all the most interesting places. We’re not boarding one today as we have a conference here in Marunouchi this afternoon, but we will later! We didn’t expect Tokyo to be so spread out—this bus service will definitely help us explore.”

      • Mix of traditional and modern

        French Lady
        “We just arrived yesterday and found our way here after visiting the nearby Imperial Palace. Marunouchi seems to be a very convenient location as it’s right by one of the biggest stations in the city, and is close to Ginza and other tourist locations. We expected—and were met—with a mix of traditional and modern Japan. We’re very jetlagged, but ecstatic to be here and hope to make the most of it.”

      • Amazed and delighted

        English Lady
        “I’m coming back here for the first time in 10 years, and am amazed at the change! It’s turned from a stuffy business district into this new, wide and open Naka-Dori. I love the beautiful art pieces that line up down the street, and the sidewalk café is great, as you can sit outside and relax. I have to tell my husband to come here for a wander around, because he won’t believe the changes either.”

      • Very open and likable

        Canadian Guy
        “I’m here on business, and here for a very short time, but so far so good. I like it here. It’s hard to describe, but it’s nice. I thought it would be more compact, but it seems to be very open. Also, there’s a great restaurant here for casual drinks in Marunouchi Brick Square—I’ll probably find my way here again after my meeting.”

      • A European feel

        German Guy
        “The streets are very clean here. Also, I thought it would be more crowded than it is, and the streets are so wide. Marunouchi has a very European feel to it. I did a little bit of window-shopping earlier at Naka-Dori—I was surprised to find the same high fashion stores that are also in New York, and in Munich, my hometown.”

      • Convenient and relaxing

        Australian Lady
        “This was my first time on a Hop on Hop Off bus, but it was really good and it’s free, as it got me where I needed to go without having to worry about trains or getting lost. It was really handy. I’ve come here to meet a friend, who recommended the area. She says it’s a great place to relax and enjoy good food.”

      • A wonderful experience

        Family of four – Ukrainian and German
        “We just finished a cultural class held by Tokyo Metropolitan Government near the Yaesu area. We could try on kimono and drink green tea—that was a wonderful experience. Everyone is so kind here, smiling and helpful—especially towards the kids.”


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