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      Marunouchi, an area stretching from the grounds of the Imperial Palace to Tokyo Station, is home to nearly 4,000 companies where approximately 230,000 people work. As a business center, it competes with New York City in the number of Fortune Global 500 company headquarters it hosts.

      When Marunouchi was purchased from the government in 1890, it was a wild field covered with plants. But much has changed in the last 100 years or so. Today, Marunouchi is Japan's leading business center and it continues to develop and evolve.

      Marunouchi has been the main player in the Japanese economy ever since its first office building, Mitsubishi Ichigokan, was built in 1894. By constantly upgrading its urban facilities, Marunouchi has kept up with the times.

      One noteworthy development has been the Marunouchi Redevelopment Project, which began in 2001 and aspires to transform Marunouchi into “the liveliest, most interactive town in the world.” This ongoing project has already succeeded in converting Marunouchi from a business district into a vibrant, bustling district for business and lifestyles.
      In addition to the development of leading-edge office buildings, Marunouchi has added commercial facilities, art museums and green public spaces. Together with frequent community events, these advances have made Marunouchi a place where people and companies not only work, but also interact on a social basis.

      Marunouchi continuously improves its office buildings, infrastructure and intangible services to provide the world’s best environment for business. By making the most of its assets, and fully supporting its world-leading tenants and talent, Marunouchi will strive to increase face-to-face business opportunities and become the first choice of businesses around the world.


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