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      Distinctive and attractive, Marunouchi features unparalleled urban development assets, a cutting-edge infrastructure and lively activities organized by the local community in a vibrant 120-hectare district.

      Urban Development

      A city planning organization established by approximately 100 local leaseholders promotes development of Marunouchi in collaboration with administrative agencies. Private and public sectors work together in Marunouchi to secure a prosperous future and sponsor many local activities and developments not found in other business districts.

      Historic Preservation

      Renovation of Tokyo Station

      The Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building, designated an Important Cultural Property of Japan, recently underwent renovation to restore the station to its pre-war glory. The unused air rights were sold to several local developments to help fund the extensive refurbishment.

      31m height limit

      In the past, Marunouchi buildings were limited to a height of 31 meters. The pedestal-like base of many buildings in Marunouchi is 31 meters, serving as a reminder of the previous orderly skyline.

      Partial preservation of historic buildings

      Marunouchi features many historical buildings. When constructing new buildings, the lower levels often retain historic portions of old buildings — another example of the district’s thoughtful urban planning.


      People make Marunouchi

      Marunouchi’s main street, Marunouchi Nakadori Ave., runs 1.2 kilometers through the middle of Marunouchi.

      ○A pleasant urban space for pedestrians

      Sidewalks were widened to provide generous space for pedestrians on both sides of Marunouchi’s streets. This is convenient for busy workers and relaxing families alike.

      ○An open space for events

      Marunouchi Nakadori Ave. is lined with open-air cafes and sophisticated boutiques selling wide-ranging choice items. It’s one of Tokyo’s leading shopping streets and is pedestrianized for various events and social activities.


      Our cleaning attendants

      A team of cleaning personnel always keeps the district tidy and provides guidance when visitors ask directions or want to know the most scenic photo spots.

      A district-wide disaster management drill

      Only Marunouchi carries out unique full-scale disaster management drills involving companies, police and fire departments, hospitals and clinics, thus demonstrating our serious commitment to protecting Marunouchi’s workers and visitors.



      Members of the Marunouchi community have established various organizations that strengthen local business relations and create new value for all who visit.

      The Morning University of Marunouchi

      Encompassing the entire Marunouchi district as its university campus and offering early-morning classes from around seven or eight in the morning. Since 2009, over 10,000 early-rising professionals have participated in its 30 or so richly varied courses.

      Tokyo 21C Club

      This private business club is frequented by members from diverse industries and professionals who share the goal of establishing new enterprises.

      Marunouchi Chefs Club

      The 26 chefs who comprise this members club include renowned Kiyomi Mikuni. Members collaborate on projects to make eating even more fun.

      3×3 Labo (SansanLabo)

      A collaborative partnership between local companies and the Marunouchi community strives to find equitable solutions for social issues.

      Environmental Community Development Salon

      Managers of companies meet to discuss environmental management issues in support of urban development.

      CSR Innovation Working Group

      Seminars and workshops are held on various topics related to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and creating shared value (CSV) for those intent on expanding their knowledge.


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